Whitfield County Fire Dept. Begins Hydrant Testing Program May 2

The Whitfield County Fire Department will be performing flow tests on all the fire hydrants throughout county beginning Monday, May 2 continuing through September 2011. This testing is typically conducted on an annual basis to check the flow rate in all fire hydrants which is required by insurance examiners to maintain Whitfield County’s fire rating.

Dalton Utilities is working in concert with the Whitfield County Fire Department on this testing.  Some customers may experience some pressure changes in their water service while the testing is underway.  This is a beneficial program for all county residents because it maintains the existing fire rating for homeowner insurance purposes and ensures the performance and efficiency of fire hydrants in the event of a fire.

“We are working with the Fire Department to ensure that our water customers do not experience service interruptions as a result of this program.  During previous flow testing, the Utility has received complaints of ‘dirty water’ during the flow testing process.  While we work with the Fire Department and flush the lines as they do their flow testing, the water hammer resulting from large changes in flow and pressure associated with this testing can dislodge scale or sediment from the sides of the water pipes which can cause the water to appear dirty or cloudy.  The water is safe, however, should a customer experience this, they should simply run cold water from their faucets for several minutes until it runs clear.  If the customer continues to see discolored water, we ask that they call the Utility at 706-278-1313, and we will send someone out to inspect the issue and do any additional flushing of the system that may be required,” said Dalton Utilities spokeswoman, Lori McDaniel.

The County Fire Department will begin their hydrant flow testing in the areas of Mill Creek, Westside and Tunnel Hill during the month of May. Dalton Utilities will provide monthly updates on the Whitfield County Fire Department’s hydrant flushing schedule on the Dalton Utilities blog and in the newspaper as appropriate. If you’d like to subscribe to the Dalton Utilities blog and receive email notifications of new blog entries, please go to www.dutil.com/blog.

Dalton Utilities is a full service utility, providing electric, natural gas, water, wastewater, stormwater and telecommunication services to Dalton and Whitfield County, as well as the surrounding counties of Murray, Floyd and Gordon.  For more information, please call Dalton Utilities at 706-278-1313.