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Providing Electricity to Dalton, GA Since 1889

With an advanced system of electrical transmission and distribution lines spanning across Northwest Georgia, Dalton Utilities is a regional electric utility, supplying electricity to residents and businesses in Dalton, GA, and Whitfield County.

If you would like to report a power outage, schedule electric service, or speak to a representative, please reach out to us at 706-278-1313.

Natural Gas



Electric Facilities

Electric Utility in Dalton, GA ❘ Dalton Utilities
As one of the joint owners of the Georgia Integrated Transmission System, Dalton Utilities has access to a huge network of electrical transmission lines throughout Georgia. We obtain our electricity from four sources:

  1. We own partial interests in two nuclear power plants & two coal-fired power plants.
  2. We purchase blocks of wholesale, natural-gas-fired plants through Southern Power.
  3. We purchase hydroelectric power from the Southeastern Power Administration (SEPA).
  4. We purchase solar power that is generated by Georgia Power Company, in conjunction with our Land Application System (LAS) along the Conasauga River.

In addition to our sixteen substations, we have distribution and transmission lines spanning up to 300 miles. Additionally, we produce 100kw of solar energy from the roof of our Administrate building.

Electric Utility Information

Electric Reliability

Over the past ten years, Dalton Utilities has invested over million to ensure our customers have access to reliable electrical services.

We have upgraded all of our substations, increased capacity, and implemented an electronic monitoring system, allowing us to monitor and correct service interruptions as they occur. Ongoing improvements to our electrical system translate into affordable and smarter electricity for our customers – now and in the future.

Electric Demand Rates

Are you on the most economical rate for your electric service?

If your monthly electrical usage is 20,000 kWh or more, you may be eligible for a demand rate based on your usage.

Contact us and ask for a rate evaluation to be done on your account to determine the most economical electric rate for your business.

Discount Rates

Does your business qualify for an electric or water demand rate? You may be eligible for a more economical rate based on your usage, IF:

  • Your water usage is 500,000+ gallons per day
  • Your electrical usage is 20,000+ kWh per month

Our customer service professionals can evaluate your account and determine the most economical rate for your business. To determine if you qualify for demand rates, contact us.

Commercial Electric Utility Services

Dalton Utilities proudly supports businesses in Dalton, GA, and is committed to ensuring they receive optical services. Due to our dynamic network of electrical transmission lines and diversified power generation stack, Dalton Utilities remains one of the lowest-cost electrical providers in both Georgia and the United States.

New Construction

Dalton Utilities provides cost estimates and installation on utility taps and meters for all services, including; water, sewer, gas, and fire protection. We offer standard commercial and/or large industrial sizes for individual locations where the existing infrastructure is already present in the public road right-of-way.

We also review building permits, plats, and plans. Additionally, we provide utilities and cost information for new development, where existing infrastructure is not currently present at the location in the public road right-of-way.

For more information, please email our new construction representative.

Tree Trimming

Dalton Utilities is committed to helping our customers put an end to invasive and disruptive tree limbs!

If you see the potential for line damage due to tree limbs, contact us today.

Right Tree, Right Place

A well-planned yard contains trees that will grow well in the selected area, and are properly placed to avoid collisions with power lines and buildings.

For more information on planning for what will work well for your landscape, please visit The Right Tree in the Right Place

Moving to Dalton?

Dalton area businesses benefit from Dalton Utilities’ services, including broadband, high-speed internet, telephone, and television streaming services from OptiLink. Our area is known for its natural beauty and close knit communities, and we are proud to provide businesses with state-of-the-art fiber optics and innovative use of technology. Dalton is the perfect destination for new and growing businesses.

To learn more about the area, and the advantages of doing business here, we recommend that you visit the following websites:

For more information about our electric services, contact Dalton Utilities at 706-278-1313 today!