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Protecting Our Environment & Natural Resources

For over a century, Dalton Utilities has committed to preserving the natural beauty of our region and protecting our ecosystem and natural resources. From our renowned Land Application System (LAS) and nature reserve to our community programs and energy conservation practices, we demonstrate our environmental stewardship in more ways than one.

Centrally based in Dalton, GA, we proudly serve as the public utility for residential, commercial, and industrial customers throughout Whitfield, Murray, Floyd, Catoosa, and Gordon counties. By providing natural gas, electricity, water, and wastewater treatment, we empower our community to thrive.

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Land Application System

As one of the largest forested land application systems (LAS) in Georgia and the United States, Dalton Utilities operates a wastewater treatment system that spans over 9,600 acres.

Our LAS is also renowned as a wildlife habitat and nature reserve, attracting birdwatchers and environmentalists from across Georgia. Hawks, wild turkey, rare birds, ducks, deer, and coyotes populate all 9,600 acres of our LAS.

History of the LAS

Developed in 1986, our LAS was innovated at a time when land application systems were gaining prominence as an approach to wastewater management.

Through our Land Application System (LAS), Dalton Utilities pioneered an innovative wastewater treatment recycling system that is still recognized today.

As opposed to traditional means of discharging treated water back into surface water, we recycle it back into the environment through natural means. We specifically spray treated wastewater over plant life and soil, and by doing so, we are capable of nurturing and optimizing the local soil and plant matrix.

In 1997, a $26 million redesign and expansion of our LAS made better use of the land and integrated new piping, spray heads, and an intricate, highly efficient pumping system to our spray fields.

Wastewater treatment companies throughout the United States continue to tour our LAS, emulating its system and design in their own operations.

Land Application System in Dalton, GA ❘ Dalton Utilities

LAS Hunts

Dalton Utilities is currently a defendant in multiple lawsuits regarding operation of its LAS.  While Dalton Utilities is vigorously defending itself in these lawsuits, in an abundance of caution, Dalton Utilities has decided not to allow hunting on its property this season.

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Conasauga River Canoe Launch

Dalton Utilities and the Conasauga River Alliance (CRA) merged forces to provide our community with recreational opportunities on the river and to raise awareness of the Conasauga River and threats to its biodiversity.

The CRA installed a canoe launch behind the Beaverdale Superette, located on the river along Highway 2 at the Whitfield-Murray County line. Dalton Utilities installed its canoe launch on Lower Kings Bridge Road in Dawnville, GA, along the river at the Norton Bridge.

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In addition to our canoe launches, Dalton Utilities and CRA’s river access points feature ample parking space and educational signage for guests to read.

These areas also served as the sites for clean water projects that focused on initiating stormwater and erosion solutions. The CRA site specifically captures runoff water from a parking lot and the road, directing the water into a small rain garden filled with wetland plants. In addition, this site utilizes a technique that employs stabilization practices to reduce riverbank erosion.

The Dalton Utilities’ site displays a technique for a previous parking lot, which supports the weight of vehicles while allowing rainwater to percolate through rather than rush off and erode the soil.

Conasauga River Canoe Launch

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