Where Does Our Electricity Come From?

Most of us flip on a light switch or turn on an electrical appliance without ever thinking, “Where does the electricity comes from?” or, “How does it get to our homes or businesses?”

Well, here’s some information you may not know:

Dalton Utilities’ electricity comes from a few different sources:

  • We own a small share in four different power plants which together provide almost HALF of our power supply – 48%!
  • 16% of Dalton Utilities’ power is hydro-electric power purchased from the Southeastern Power Administration (SEPA).
  • The remaining 36% of our electrical energy is purchased from Southern Wholesale Energy and Southern Power.

“How does the electrity get from there to here?”

A large system of wires is necessary to bring the electricity from these sources to our customers in Dalton.

When the energy arrives in Dalton, the voltage is reduced from the high-voltage necessary to move it across great distances, to the safer, more readily-utilized lower voltage of our local distribution and service system.

Our distribution system consists of:

  • wires
  • service transformers
  • capacitors
  • switches
  • meters

These elements provide usable voltage to our end-use customers and is maintained entirely by Dalton Utilities’ electrical department.

Over the last 12 years, we have made conscious investments in upgrading this system to make it extremely reliable and high quality. At the same time, we have also worked to ensure that our functions are extremely efficient.

The result? The portion of electrical cost directly attributable to local distribution, operations, meter reading and billing is less than ONE HALF of ONE CENT per kilowatt hour!

Dalton’s concentrated industrial and large commercial electrical consumers are the reason our electrical service rates are some of the lowest in the nation.