We listened, we heard, and here it is – VidLink!

We listened, we heard, and here it is – VidLink! Video Reimagined just for you.

Take a look at some of VidLink’s cool & flexible features!

MULTIPLE DEVICES: You asked for mobility. So we created our very own app to enable multi-device viewing: play what you want, when you want, how you want, on any device with whole-home DVR.
RECORD/WATCH TV ON THE GO: Have you ever realized, in the middle of the workday, that you forgot to record one of your favorite shows? Us too! With VidLink, you can record your show easily from your phone, and watch your recordings anywhere with Cloud DVR.
RESTART/REPLAY: Did your kid’s little league game go into overtime causing you to tune in late? With VidLink, you can quickly RESTART live programs from the beginning or REPLAY a show after it has aired.
FREE HD CHANNELS: You asked for a clearer, crisper picture. With VidLink, you get just that! If we receive content in HD, so do you – FREE!
SIMPLIFIED VIEWING: Say goodbye to set-top boxes, and hello to whole-home DVR!



VidLink User and Device Installation Guides
VidLink Channel Lineup