Waste Haulers

Dalton Utilities also handles waste from septic tanks at our treatment plants. We work closely with waste haulers to ensure all waste is disposed of properly. Dalton Utilities only accepts waste generated in Whitfield or Murray counties. Accordingly, Dalton Utilities requires all waste haulers to apply for a Waste Hauler Discharge Permit.

If the waste hauler is hauling grease trap waste, contact us for additional state requirements or click on the Georgia FOG Alliance link below.

Manifests: Dalton Utilities provides manifests for tracking and recording the origin and type of waste being hauled and discharged. Contact us at pretreatment@dutil.com or 706-278-1313 to obtain the required manifest.

Truck Inspections: In accordance with state regulations, trucks having grease trap pumpage must be inspected annually. In order to discharge waste at Dalton Utilities, waste haulers must show proof of annual inspection.

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