VidLink is Here!

With VidLink®, Dalton’s OptiLink™ Brings Next Generation Video
Technology to Growing Northwest Georgia Community
Offering the Next “Big Thing” in Streaming Video Entertainment

Highlighting the company’s long-term vision for providing advanced technology to residents and businesses, Dalton Utilities/OptiLink™ announced on September 12th the launch of VidLink®, an innovative next- generation video platform that will give users freedom and flexibility to view the content they love.

Dalton Utilities is one of the first public utilities in the nation to offer the breakthrough cloud-based technology, by MOBITV, a global leader in application-based Pay TV video delivery solutions.

The VidLink announcement builds on the company’s history of innovation. Dalton Utilities was one of the first municipal utilities in the nation to build a Fiber-to-the-Home network in 2003, bringing ultra-high-speed broadband to an underserved market.

“Our mission is to ensure the people and businesses in our community have access to the best technology possible,” said Tom Bundros, CEO of Dalton Utilities.  “We’ve taken note of the paradigm shift in viewing video content and we believe VidLink offers an exceptional solution to meet today’s consumer demand.”

VidLink delivers the freedom to watch content in a convenient and simple app that resides next to other popular streaming services.  The platform is designed to run on multiple devices, including Amazon Fire TV®, Android TV® and Apple TV®, while reducing installation time and the need for costly, cumbersome and outdated set-top boxes.

VidLink allows customers to stream their favorite content on their device of choice and subscribers can even access their recorded content while on vacation, and view it from their computer or mobile devices. The streaming engine has the capability to store customer preferences, keeping favorite content front-and-center. Other popular features include restart and replay, intuitive learning and universal search.  With VidLink, all of your viewing options, including Netflix and Amazon, are available in one place.

“No other entertainment platform offers the value and robust features that VidLink does, and we are delighted to offer a video streaming service that is unparalleled virtually anywhere in the Southeast,” says Hank Blackwood, Chief Technical Services Officer for OptiLink. “This Next Gen technology is what sets OptiLink apart from its competitors and reflects Dalton’s continuing commitment to new entertainment opportunities.”

VidLink is the next of several innovative products to be launched by Dalton Utilities and OptiLink over the next year. OptiLink is taking steps to ensure Dalton stays an industry leader in next generation technology by upgrading current speeds to achieve Gig City certification, and will move from there into Smart City initiatives, notes Jennifer McCain, president of Xcel Services and one of the most experienced consultants in the industry. McCain, who has worked with numerous successful Fiber-to-the-Home deployments, sees great things happening in Dalton, thanks to its visionary leadership.  “With these combined initiatives, OptiLink is strategically re-positioning itself as an innovative leader to help fuel economic growth in Dalton,” she notes.


For additional information on VidLink go to . To watch a short video about VidLink, click here!