Tips to Save Energy in the Summer Heat

Today is the first day of summer!  Here are some hints on how to save energy even in the hottest of seasons:

  • Keeping heat-generating electronics and appliances near the thermostat can cause the air conditioner to run longer, wasting energy. Move these away from the thermostat to save on your utility bill.
  • If you forgot to install mesh screens on your windows this spring, consider putting the chore on your weekend to-do list. Screens help to diffuse solar radiation and reduce heat gain in your home.
  • Check the temperature on your thermostat. If it’s set at 72 degrees, dial it up to 78. A turn of the wrist could save you up to 18 percent on your cooling bill, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.
  • Remember to check the filter on your heating and cooling unit this month. Clean or replace the filter if it’s dirty, or if it has been three or more months since you last changed it. This easy task can help the appliance run more efficiently while improving your comfort.