We like to keep you up-to-date on the things that make a difference to you, so welcome to our new communication tool, TextPower. With
TextPower, you can easily report an outage for your service address and receive status updates more rapidly. After the initial rollout of
this service, we will have the capability to send you texts to alert you of important happenings, such as planned outages, unplanned
outages, changes to service, and utility-related emergencies.
You will soon receive a text to the cell phone number that is associated with your Dalton Utilities account. With this text, you may opt-in
(contact) or opt-out (stop) for TextPower. Should you prefer not to wait until you receive the text, you may text “contact” to
1-833-665-4665 and follow the instructions to opt-in to the service. Another option to sign up for TextPower is on Dalton Utilities’
website at www.dutil.com/textpower.
See below for more general information about TextPower:
• You may select up to 4 account addresses to report outages and receive updates.
• Should you opt-out of TextPower, your account will be flagged and you will not receive ANY texts from Dalton Utilities.
• This service is currently available for electric customers only.
• If there is not a cell phone number on file for the account, you may contact Customer Service at 706-278-1313 to sign-up for the service.
• We will not send advertising or other solicitations, TextPower is only for communication of utility service information.