Telephone Scam in Dalton/Whitfield County

Dalton Utilities and OptiLink would like to alert customers to a telephone scam that is happening in the Dalton/Whitfield County area. Several customers have reported that they received calls at night from individuals claiming to be from the Utility company. These individuals told the customers that their power was about to be cut off and, to keep that from happening, they should send a money order, a Western Union wire or give their credit card number to the individual calling. 

Should you receive a call from someone claiming to be from Dalton Utilities or OptiLink, please take measures to confirm this call is legitimate. We would never ask you to send a wire or a money order. We would never ask for your credit card number over the telephone. We also never make calls about pending power cutoffs at night.

 If you receive a legitimate call from Dalton Utilities, it would be during the daytime. We would ask you to come in and settle your bill in person or use our online credit card payment or pay by telephone service. We would NEVER ask for your credit card number over the phone!

 Should you receive one of these calls, Dalton city residents should call the Dalton Police’s crime tip line at 706-278-9085, option 6. County residents should call The Whitfield County Sheriff’s Dept. at 706-278-1233.