Staying Safe Around Natural Gas

If you smell something at your home or business that smells like rotten eggs, it could be a Natural Gas leak!

Natural gas is a safe and efficient form of energy. In its natural state, natural gas has no smell and is not visible to the naked eye. A chemical called mercaptin is added to natural gas to make customers aware if there is a leak. Most accidents occur because of lack of knowledge that leads to unsafe equipment or appliance use, not because natural gas itself is unsafe. Some of the potential hazards of an unintended release of natural gas include fire, explosion, property damage and asphyxiation.

Possible indicators of a natural gas leak:

• An odor of gas
• A hissing sound
• A fire in or near a gas appliance/piping
• Unusual noise coming from an appliance

What to do if you smell natural gas:
• Do not attempt to locate gas leaks
• Do not smoke or use lighters, matches or other sources of open flames
• Do not turn lights on or off or unplug electrical appliances
• Do not use telephones, including cell phones, in or near an area where you smell gas
• Leave the area immediately and call Dalton Utilities (706-278-1313) or 9-1-1

Play it safe! If you think you smell natural gas, call Dalton Utilities at 706-278-1313 immediately!!