Solar Power


Harnessing the Ultimate Power Source — The Sun!

In March 2011, Georgia Power Company went online with the first phase of a 1 megawatt (MW) solar array on Dalton Utilities’ Land Application System (LAS). Phase Two was completed in March 2012. The first two phases consist of more than 3,100 fixed-tilt solar panels and have a combined capacity of approximately 700 kW. Georgia Power leases the property for the solar facility from Dalton Utilities, who, in turn, purchases 100% of the plant’s capacity and energy through a 25-year power purchase agreement.

A much larger third solar installation with capacity of 5.5 megawatts (MW) was completed in December 2014 under a similar purchased power agreement as the previous two projects, only with much larger system capacity. This third project can provide enough energy to power over 1,200 homes per day.

This allows Dalton Utilities’ corporate customers to advertise the fact that ‘green’ energy is being utilized which has become increasingly important in today’s market. All of the renewable energy credits from the facility will be conveyed to Dalton Utilities.

Additionally, the Dalton Utilities administrative building at 1200 V.D. Parrott Jr. Parkway features a solar array on both the roof of the building and at the drive-thru kiosk area.