Smell Gas? Act Fast!

Natural gas is a safe, clean, efficient source of energy.

However, leaks can occur.

Smell Gas, Act Fast

Gas Leak Indicators

  • You may smell a sulfur-like or “rotten egg” odor in your home or office
  • You may hear a hissing sound or an unusual noise coming from an appliance
  • A fire may start in or near a gas appliance or piping

If You Smell Natural Gas, Act Fast!

  • Do not attempt to locate the leak
  • Do not turn lights on or off
  • Do not smoke or use lighters, matches or open flames
  • Do not use your landline phone or cell phone
  • Don’t take a cordless phone outside as the base may ignite in the home or business
  • Leave your home or office immediately
  • Get to a safe place and call 911

If you follow these simple instructions and know the signs of a natural gas leak, you are sure to keep yourself and your family safe from harm.

If you smell gas, act fast!