Smart City Case Studies

InventureIT partners with GIGLink by OptiLink to bring top-quality service to local businesses.

InventureIT was started by four entrepreneurs whose goal was to improve the tech support and IT options available in North Georgia. Incorporated in 2007 and based locally in Dalton, GA, the business has grown into a full-service IT and software development company, becoming a go-to for the innovative medical and manufacturing businesses in the area.
Todd Looper, Director of Business Development at InventureIT, heads an elite group of software developers and support team members who specialize in personalized, cutting-edge partnerships with local businesses. They offer a wide range of computer services that allow them to be a local source of expertise and guidance for all within their service area, which currently includes Dalton, Savannah, and Rome, GA and Chattanooga, TN.
InventureIT has partnered with the top providers of hardware, software, and antivirus protection, enabling it to offer clients the best in IT services, development, business systems, cloud solutions, integration, custom applications, network and security audits, and managed IT and SaaS. This wide range of solutions, coupled with the skills to create lasting customer relationships, puts InventureIT at the top of its field and at the center of its clients’ success.

Because InventureIT prides itself on innovative solutions and customer satisfaction, only the best internet service would do. The company takes on projects of all sizes and uses what it calls its “4D Process”—discover, design, develop and deploy—to customize solutions for each client. For this high level of service and customization, InventureIT requires an internet provider that shares its goals of offering superior capabilities and meeting all customer needs.
Because the majority of InventureIT employees develop code, having uninterrupted bandwidth and the highest internet speed is imperative. Designing, building and securing the perfect solutions for clients means work
must be completed quickly, efficiently and seamlessly. When looking for a company that his team could rely upon, Looper had specific goals in mind. High on the list were:

• Local customer support
• Ability to provide optimum bandwidth
• Services that support a wide range of job duties for his team

Topping his list of potential providers was GIGlink by OptiLink.

InventureIT heard about Dalton Utilities and OptiLink, and Looper was confident they could provide the support and resources needed for his team members, “who are on their computers eight, nine, ten hours a day.” InventureIT became one of the first businesses in the area to get the GIGLink service. “GIGLink is consistent and reliable and gives us bandwidth and speed that we just couldn’t get before,” Looper says.
The fact that InventureIT and Dalton Utilities are both based in North Georgia enhances their partnership. “It’s 100% about being local,” Looper says. “For us, it’s about the relationships.”

For those at InventureIT, being able to give their best at work means having the kind of productive workflow that only the fastest internet can provide, and GIGLink makes this possible by providing:

• Outstanding local service and support
• The best in speed and reliability
• The ability to meet the needs of a diverse development team

The use of GIGLink ultra-high-speed internet allows those who work at InventureIT to take software development and IT to a new level for those in its service area. “Since we’ve been using GIGLink, we’ve been able to add a new office and double the number of employees due to efficiency and productivity,” says Looper. Video conferencing that takes place “multiple times a day” is now more necessary than ever,
and GIGLink’s “speed and quality are a huge benefit.”
Having the confidence that all the necessary internet service bases will be covered has allowed the employees of InventureIT to focus on keeping their clients satisfied. Since partnering with GIGLink, InventureIT has seen:

• Higher efficiency levels and lack of latency
• Expansion of services and increase in staff
• Continuous workflow throughout all projects

As InventureIT proceeds to meet its goal of “empowering businesses,” GIGLink will continue to provide the uninterrupted day-to-day service that its customers rely upon. Looper sums up the service provider’s role in his company this way: “It’s the cornerstone of our daily operations. It works. It just works.”

“It’s 100% about being local. For us, it’s about the relationships.”

-Todd Looper, Director of Business Development, InventureIT

CONTACT: OptiLink / GIGLink Kay Phillips