Simple Ways to Save Money

Reducing costs and energy use does not have to mean expensive changes!  Try these simple fixes and tricks to cut your utility bills:

  • Keep chilly air from entering your home by applying plastic film around your window frames. This simple task can help you eliminate drafts that waste energy on heating.
  • Summer may be long gone, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop line drying your clothes. If the weather in your area is too chilly to take your clothes outside, purchase drying racks or install a retractable clothesline in your laundry room to avoid running the dryer.
  • A faucet with a slow leak can quickly lose gallons of water. This can waste energy if that water is heated. To save water and energy, take some time this weekend to inspect your home’s faucets, and have any leaks repaired.  
  • When doing laundry, don’t forget to adjust the water level according to the size of the load you’re washing. This simple step can save you water and energy if that water is heated.