Sign-up for E-Billing

Go paperless with your Dalton Utilities and OptiLink bills! Going paperless saves time and money by eliminating the need for paper printing and mailing invoices and payments! Here’s how you can go paperless today!

1. For Dalton Utilities: Login to ecare
For OptiLink: Login to InvoiceCloud

2. If you are logged in to pay your Dalton Utilities bill you will see the below image. Once you are in Select eBill Notification.  If you are paying your OptiLink bill see 2a. below.


2a. If you are logged in to pay your OptiLink bill, go to My Profile and select Paperless.


3. After you click on Paperless select Yes and then click Save my changes. This step is the same for Dalton Utilities and OptiLink. Once you click Save my changes for Dalton Utilities/OptiLink you will receive an email to complete your registration. Once you confirm your email you are not signed-up for paperless!

4. OR when paying your Dalton Utilities/OptiLink bills you will have the option to check I would like to sign up for paperless right before you click on Process Payment. You will receive an email to complete registration.