Propane vs. Natural Gas

$CurMonthPrice = ‘7.219*’;
$CurMonth = ‘June 2018’;
$PrevMonth = ‘May 2018’;
$PrevIndPrice = ‘3.994’;
$CurIndPrice =’$4.058′;
$gmmbtu = $CurMonthPrice * 10.00;
$pmmbtu = $PropaneCost * 10.929;

Propane vs. Natural Gas?
Want to know how propane costs compare to natural gas? The interactive form below will allow you to compare current propane costs to that of natural gas.

1. Natural Gas
Rate per MmBtu: $ [insert_php] echo($CurMonthPrice); [/insert_php]

2. Propane
if ($PropaneCost==NULL)
Enter Your Cost per Gallon:

}if ($PropaneCost!=NULL)

(1 gallon = 91,500 Btus/10.929 gallons = 1,000,000 Btus or MmBtu)
Results: 10.929 gallons @ $PropaneCost (cost per gallon) = $pmmbtu per MmBtu

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Current Monthly Natural Gas Rate: $[insert_php]echo($CurMonthPrice);[/insert_php] per MmBtu*

National Pipeline Management System
* Natural gas rate per MmBtu is gas index for [insert_php]echo($CurMonth);[/insert_php] as published in the Inside F.E.R.C.’s Gas Market Report plus all applicable pipeline transmission, local distribution, and metering/billing costs.