What is this PROJECT CARE that is listed at the bottom of my utility bill?

  1. IT IS a program administered by the Salvation Army that helps people in our community who need assistance with their utility bills or rent.  
  2. IT IS the amount accumulated by rounding up your utility bill and sent to the Salvation Army.  
  3. IT IS NOT a monthly assistance program. Project CARE allows financial assistance only once a year to an applicant.
  4. IT IS in place to assist those who have had a sudden change in circumstances, such as an unexpected medical bill, a major car repair, or a change in employment. 
  5. IT IS a program you voluntarily participate in, agreeing to have your utility bill rounded up to the nearest dollar. The average round-up is 50¢ per month, or $6.00 annually, and never more than 99¢ per month, or $11.88 annually. 

Example: If your bill is $188.56, we round your amount up to $189.00. This means that you would donate 44¢.  This may seem like a small amount, but when we put our pennies together, each cent donated adds up quickly.  Dalton Utilities remits 100% of our customers’ donations.