Pipeline Safety Tips

Identification of Hazards

  • When arriving at a job site, always check to ensure all underground pipe locates have been performed, and look for meters, valves, markers, vent pipes or any other indication that a gas line may be present.
  • Prior to construction, verify with Dalton Utilities that it is safe to drive heavy equipment across
    the gas line.
  • Never assume because you are working away from the road that a gas line is not present.

Leak Recognition

Smell: A rotten egg odor or a strong unpleasant odor around a gas line or other gas facility may indicate a leak is present.

Sound: sometimes you can hear a hissing noise when gas is escaping.

Sight: in wet areas, look for bubbles to indicate where a leak may be. Dead vegetation may also indicate a gas leak is present.

Damage Prevention

  • Always call 8-1-1 before you dig.
  • Always pothole any marked utility lines prior to construction to verify location.
  • Never dig when there is any indication of a gas line present even if there are no marks and the dig ticket is good.
  • If the main is marked, look for services that might have been missed.
  • If you see anyone digging in an area that is in a natural gas pipeline easement or where you know there is a gas line and you do not see any marks, notify Dalton Utilities immediately.
  • If you damage or hit a gas line (even if it does not appear to be leaking), ALWAYS call Dalton Utilities immediately so the line can be inspected.

8-1-1 Call Before You Dig Requirements

  • Locate tickets must be called in to 8-1-1 two days prior to the start of excavation.
  • If the facilities are not marked by 7:00 am on the day the ticket becomes valid, call Dalton Utilities (706-278-1313) before beginning excavation.
  • Pothole all marked facilities within the work zone prior to excavating with mechanized equipment.
  • There is no required depth for utility services and no requirements to provide depths with the locates.
  • There is a 18-inch tolerance zone from the outside edge of the pipe.
  • All damages must be reported to the UPC and Dalton Utilities immediately and work stopped at the site until repairs are made.
  • Never attempt to fix a damaged utility line or gas leak or stop the flow of gas; evacuate the area.


  • Dalton Utilities – 706-278-1313 or Toll-Free (888) 337-1313
  • Fire Department, Police and/or Sheriff – 911