Payment Kiosks

  • What payments does the kiosk take? It takes both Dalton Utilities and OptiLink Payments.
  • What forms of payment does the kiosk take? You may pay with cash or credit card. If using cash, the kiosk only accepts bills. It does not accept coins and does not give change. Over-payments will be credited to your account and go towards the next month’s payment.
  • When will my payment show in my account? Payments made at the kiosk are posted to the account the same day and usually within 30 minutes.
  • Can I make a late payment at the kiosk? Yes, you can; however, if your service is about to be cut off for nonpayment, you must call our office at 706-278-1313 and speak with a representative.
  • How do the kiosks work? The kiosks have a touch screen in English and Spanish. Just follow the on-screen and spoken instructions.
  • Is there a fee to use the kiosk? No. Customers of Dalton Utilities and OptiLink may use the payment kiosk at no charge.
  • Will I receive a receipt to show I’ve paid my bill? Yes. The kiosk will print a receipt for the customers’ files which will include the date and time of transaction, amount paid, method of payment and customer account number.

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