OptiLink's Digital Music Channels Get a New Look on July 1!

OptiLink is upgrading its digital music channels!  Look for our exciting new selections starting July 1, 2013 on Channels 601 to 650!

Features of our new music service, Galaxie:

  • Continuous, commercial-free music: No Ads, No Talk, Just Great Music
  • A complete selection of 50 channels covering all popular musical genres.
  • Delivered in pristine, digital-quality audio
  • Programmed by music industry professionals with years of major-market radio experience
  • Several channels in each of the genres: Rock, Pop, Country, Latino/Spanish, Urban, Jazz, and more
  • Music to match every mood and every occasion; 24/7
  • Galaxie On-Screen Enhancements: An enhanced visual experience to complement the great music while using the Galaxie music service.   This includes significant improvement for on-screen look compared to the basic title, track, and artist information.   Includes song, artist, and album identification.