Television FAQs

What is the OptiLink channel line up?
For our complete channel line-up, click here!

Can I only take half of the basic channels for less cost?
No. We are unable to customize packages for customers beyond what we are currently offering.

Will Dalton Utilities do the inside wiring for my service?
Yes. We will utilize any existing wiring for telephone and cable television. Additionally, we will install CAT 5 cabling for Ethernet connectivity for our high-speed internet services. Most homes can be hooked up at no additional cost to the consumer. Some restrictions do apply.

How much will Pay-per-View movies/events cost?
Pay-Per-View is priced per event. Dalton Utilities also offers movies on Video-On-Demand (VOD). Tune to channel 800 to browse our great selection of new and older titles.

Do I need a Set Top Box to watch television?
No! Our preferred tier is available in an analog format and can be viewed with any device that has an analog tuner. However, you will need a set top box to access our digital tiers, Video-On-Demand, and DVR services.

Does your DVR allow for multi-room viewing?
We do not currently offer this feature.

Help! My recorded program cut off too soon?
The vast majority of programs stay within the network’s allotted schedule. However, you can ensure that a recording will not stop prematurely by increasing the “end” time under the recording schedule. In most cases, an extra 5 minutes will ensure that the program is completely recorded. Live events, such as football games, may run over significantly. Please keep that in mind when programming your DVR.

What if I have questions/issues about Closed Captioning?
Closed Captioning Support

The on-screen guide has a subtitle menu screen that will allow you to enable subtitles (closed captioning) through the set top box.

The on-screen menu will enable subtitles on the following Set Top Box models:

  • 3250 HD
  • 4250 HD
  • 4652 HDC
  • 8300 HD
  • 8300 HDC
  • 8652 HDC

To enable Closed Captioning

  • Press the “Settings” button on the remote control
  • Press the Up or Down arrow key to navigate the menu
  • Navigate to “Caption Off/On/On with mute” option
  • Press the Right arrow key to select the “on” option
  • Press the Select button to accept the change

Additional closed caption formats are available by pressing the “Settings” button twice. 

TV User Settings
The user settings on your TV may also need to be adjusted in addition to the settings on your set-top box. This will vary depending on the television manufacturer.

For Closed Captioning concerns, please contact us:
Phone: 706-529-1313
Fax: 706-529-9990

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