OptiLink Photo Contest – Chamber Business Expo

This year, at the Greater Dalton Chamber of Commerce Business Expo, we held a photo contest for those that stopped by our booth. Each contestant was challenged to take a photo somewhere in Dalton . . . with our bobblehead, the #OptiLinkGuy. See the winning images below!

Also, help us in congratulating the FOUR winners of the #OptiLink Photo Contest!
• Berrien Long
• Darren Johnson
• Rachel Kelcourse
• Jennifer Nicholson

A BIG thank you to all our participants!

What inspired you to take this photo? “The OptiLink Guy stands proudly in front of his hometown & Historic Downtown Dalton with his head held high. My inspiration is OptiLink keeps downtown connected!” — Darren Xavier Johnson —
What inspired you to take this photo? Berrien Long took this photo of her granddaughter with the OptiLink bobblehead. Her granddaughter was bouncing around the Expo just like the bobblehead!
What inspired you to take this photo? “I was inspired since First Bank is the only locally owned community bank here in Dalton, GA. We have a great team of people who are always willing to help our customers with their financial needs.” –Rachel Kelcourse, First Bank of Dalton —
What inspired you to take this photo? “I love that we have local people that support us! Side note: I was in a bind at Christmas last year when a large party realized there was an important game on the same time as their party!!! Your guys went above and beyond at the last minute to make sure I had cable installed so they could watch the game and have their company party!!! OptiLink was so nice and helpful and it did not go unnoticed!! Thanks, OptiLink!!” — Jennifer Nicholson, Trevitt Hall –