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  1. My router says that I should restart my modem during set-up, but I do not see a cable modem. Am I missing equipment?


2. Am I required to have an OptiLink email address, or can I keep my old email that is currently still available to me such as Gmail or Yahoo?


3. If I have an OptiLink email account, do I need to check it periodically?


4. Does OptiLink offer WiFi service and installation?


5. I have questions about my router? Should I call OptiLink or the router manufacturer?


6. Will my OptiLink service handle streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime?


7. Will my OptiLink remote control work with my TV and other devices?


8. Is there a reason some programs do not fill the entire screen, especially older shows, and have black bars on the sides or top and bottom of the screen?


9. What do I do if my remote control stops working?


10. Does my OptiLink service include any streaming options?


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