OptiLink And Southeast High School Students Leave Their Mark

To support the City of Refuge and Family Promise, OptiLink was the proud sponsor of the Fastball concert at The Liberty Tree Festival on Saturday, October 26, 2013. To promote the event, OptiLink enlisted Southeast High’s art teacher, Melodie Vaden, to create some interesting graphics for the event.

As soon as the streets were closed for the Dalton Red Carpet Half Marathon and Liberty Tree Festival on Friday evening, Ms. Vaden and some of her graphic design students, Paige Doutre, Sarah Miller and Michael Koop, got to work creating large OptiLink logos on the pavement on King Street in preparation for the next day’s festivities.

“The students drew two large 4’ x 6’ OptiLink Logos using the pavement as their impromptu canvas, “ said Dalton Utilities spokesperson, Lori McDaniel. “These designs only lasted a couple of days, but while they were there, they made a huge statement.”

Melodie Vaden, Southeast Whitfield High School Art teacher, said, “ it was a fun experience for my students.”

McDaniel continued, “We’re excited to use local high school students for projects of this nature and hope we can find more fun projects in the future to employ their talents.”