New Construction

Some of the services we provide for new construction are:
  • Cost estimates and installation on utility taps and meters for all services including water, sewer, gas and fire protection. We offer standard Residential sizes to Commercial and/or Large Industrial sizes for individual locations where the existing infrastructure is already present in the public road right-of-way.
  • Provide electrical and telecommunication services (OptiLink telephone, internet and/or broadband), fire hydrant meters, security lighting
  • Review building permits, plats and plans
  • Provide utility availability and cost information for new development for individual locations where existing infrastructure is not currently present at the location in the public road right-of-way
Construction Costing Timeline:
  • If you provide Dalton Utilities with your load requirements on gas, water, sewer and electric services, we will deliver a cost estimate in approximately three business days for individual locations where existing infrastructure is available in the public road right-of-way.
  • We will install taps within 15 business days of receipt of payment. Customers must visit our office and pick up a meter location card for taps, so they can place the card exactly where they want the meter installed.
  • We will provide utility availability letters and cost information within 10 business days of application for new commercial or residential development where new roads require an extension of water, sewer or gas mains. An application fee is required for all sewer evaluations.
Sewer Expansion:
  • Information required to evaluate sewer availability for new development
  • Application fee is based on required capacity for the proposed development and must be paid before sewer capacity evaluation begins.
  • Residential Sewer Expansion Policy

For more information, please email our new construction representative.