Natural Gas Safety

Natural gas is a valuable source of energy in our homes. As with all forms of energy, safety is important. Here are suggestions for keeping your family safe.

  1. Teach small children to stay away from gas ranges and all gas-burning appliances.
  2. Keep fire extinguishers readily available, and teach your family how to use them.
  3. Install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in your home.
  4. Although natural gas has no odor, a chemical is added to give it a “rotten egg” smell so it can be easily detected. Familiarize your family members with this smell and teach them it’s a sign of danger.

If you detect a strong “rotten egg” odor of gas:

Do Not:
• Do not light matches.
Do not turn lights (or any other electrical appliance) on or off.
Do not use the telephone, intercom or alarm system.
Do not carry a cordless phone outside and use it. The base is still in the house/business and can ignite an explosion if there is a leak.
Do not re-enter your home or business until a Dalton Utilities gas technician has told you it is safe.

Do notify everyone to leave the building, if possible. Do not use telephones, intercoms or alarm bells.
Do call Dalton Utilities at (706) 278-1313 from a telephone at a different location.

Dalton Utilities – 706-278-1313 or Toll-Free (888) 337-1313
Fire Department, Police and/or Sheriff – 911

National Pipeline Management System
Georgia Utilities Protection Center – 800-282-7411
American Gas Association

If you have additional questions on natural gas safety, please call the Dalton Utilities Customer Service Department at (706) 278-1313.