Get Ready for GIGLink

DALTON, GEORGIA – November 19, 2018 – As part of its commitment to bringing world-class technology to the Northwest Georgia community, Dalton Utilities/OptiLink becomes the first municipal electric utility in the state of Georgia to offer community wide access to a residential Gigabit internet service.

“Dalton Utilities is dedicated to offering residents the advantages of such advanced technology. With the debut of GIGLink™, we are delivering some of the fastest internet speeds in the world to our residents. A Gig is exponentially faster than traditional offerings. With all that data, a million bits per second — you can do everything you already do online, but a lot more and a lot faster,” said Tom Bundros, CEO of Dalton Utilities.

The biggest bottleneck in home connectivity is the internet connection, and as we add more uses for it — like video streaming, access to 4K content, gaming, multi-device access, and smart-home devices — we will need faster connections with more data.

The announcement follows the September 2018 launch of VidLink, a first-of-its-kind streaming entertainment platform that enables new features like streaming and multi-device access.

Gigabit speed is the future of internet connectivity inside the home, defining the speed with which movies, videos, photos and other large files can be uploaded and downloaded. The new service affords downloads up to 40 times faster than the FCC standard. What this means for users is that in the time it currently takes to download a color photo, they can now download an HD movie.

“With GIGLink, users can truly multi-task with no interruptions. With the expanded bandwidth, users can download multiple high-definition videos at a time in seconds, while simultaneously sending and receiving emails and surfing the Web. Families can use multiple devices in the same household with no connectivity issues, and gamers will appreciate the quick response to user commands. Plus, there’s no more annoying delays while data is buffered,” said Hank Blackwood, Chief Technical Services Officer for OptiLink.

“We have offered Gigabit service to our large business customers since 2014,” noted Blackwood.  “We have upgraded our network to enable a Gigabit to our entire community because we recognize that high-speed connectivity is an essential service inside the home. We also realize that Gigabit internet is an economic development tool that drives businesses to relocate to places where they can get the bandwidth they need.”

GIGLink pricing for residential service is $79.95 per month. Residents can sign up for the new GIGLink service beginning Nov. 19, by calling 706.529.1313 or visiting


About Dalton Utilities and OptiLink

Dalton Utilities, in operation as a public utility since 1889, provides potable water, electrical, natural gas, and wastewater treatment services to the City of Dalton and portions of Whitfield, Murray, Gordon, Catoosa, and Floyd counties. Beginning in 1999, Dalton Utilities branched into telecommunications with broadband services to large industrial/commercial customers. With the 2003 launch of its OptiLink family of services, the company now provides broadband, cable TV, telephone, and internet services to area residents and businesses. Dalton Utilities serves 50,000 customers and employs over 300 area residents.