Frequently Asked Questions

Who operates Dalton Utilities?

Dalton Utilities is a full-service municipal utility, governed by the Board of the Water, Light and Sinking Fund Commissioners. Established in 1913 by an Act of the Georgia General Assembly, the Commission is composed of five members (appointed by the Dalton Mayor and Council) and is empowered to determine utility rates, control expenditures, and make necessary improvements/expansions to the various utility systems. Dalton Utilities receives no tax monies and operates solely on customer revenues.

What type of services does Dalton Utilities provide?
Dalton Utilities supplies the City of Dalton with electricity, gas, water and sewer services. The Utility serves all of Whitfield County and parts of Murray and Catoosa Counties with water, and portions of Whitfield, Gordon and Floyd Counties with natural gas. OptiLink Broadband services are available throughout Dalton and in selected parts of Whitfield and Murray Counties. OptiLink television, telephone, and high-speed Internet services are available throughout the City of Dalton and parts of Whitfield County.

What are the office hours of Dalton Utilities?
Our office is open from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. However, we have staff on call 24-hours a day, 7 days a week to serve you at 706-278-1313.

What number do I call for emergencies or to report an outage?
For utilities, call (706) 278-1313. Our dispatchers and crews are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For OptiLink, call (706) 529-1313.

Where do I apply for utility services?
We provide one-stop shopping! You may apply for electric, natural gas, water, wastewater, TV, telephone or Internet services at our business office, located at 1200 V.D. Parrott Jr. Parkway in Dalton. Make sure you bring the following information: your complete service address, your mailing address, and proper identification or click here to apply for OptiLink TV, telephone or internet services online.

Deposit Options – Residential
Cash Deposit. (Dalton Utilities does not pay interest on a cash deposit.)

To waive a cash deposit, you must have:

  • 12-month good payment history with Dalton Utilities
  • For all new customers, a credit history is checked using the Online Utility Exchange (OUE), which is also used to validate all new customers’ social security numbers. This complies with the Red Flag Rules required by the Federal Trade Commission. OUE performs a “soft credit check” which compares new customers’ payment history with other utilities/telecommunication companies on record. Since utilities are a necessity, this will not affect your credit score. Questions? Call us at (706) 278-1313.

Deposit Options – Commercial
Cash Deposit. (Dalton Utilities does not pay interest on a cash deposit.)

To waive a cash deposit, you must have:

  • Irrevocable Letter of Credit. Must have an assigned number, a specific dollar amount, give an expiration date (minimum of 1 year), description of cut-off date, and have automatic renewal.
  • Insurance Surety Bond. Dalton Utilities will provide the form. No changes are to be made to this form. The form must be signed by the customer, signed by the Insurance Company, attach Power of Attorney (same customer should be listed as Power of Attorney).
  • Certificate of Deposit. Made out in the customer’s name with Dalton Utilities as Trustee, with automatic renewal, (interest goes to customer). Original Bond will be held by Dalton Utilities.

How am I billed for my utility services, and how/where do I pay my bill?
We send separate monthly bills for Dalton Utilities and OptiLink services. The billing period is generally 28 to 30 days but may vary due to holidays and weekends.  For our customers’ convenience, Dalton Utilities offers several convenient bill payment options.

What will the re-connection fee be if my service is disconnected for non-payment?
The re-connection fee during business hours is $75. The re-connection fee after business hours is $105.

Why is my bill higher or lower than normal some months?
Look at Page Two of your bill. Under any of the utility services you receive, look for the header that says “# Days.” This is the number of days in that particular billing cycle. If something happened to cause this number to be lower or higher than 28, you may see a difference in the amount of your bill. If LESS than 28, your bill may be lower than normal. If HIGHER than 28, your bill may be higher than normal, reflecting those extra days of utility usage. Temperatures that differ from seasonal norms also affect your bill.

How can I apply for a Water Leak Adjustment Request?
Customer must make a written request for a leak credit by fully completing the “Water Leak Adjustment Request” form. Proof that the leak has been repaired must be provided in the form of a receipt for supplies purchased (if repaired by the customer) or from a licensed plumber. No leak credit will be issued without the submission of all appropriate documentation. If no receipts can be provided, please attach an explanation as to why.

How do I find out what water restrictions are currently in effect?
Click here for information on water conservation.

How does a business qualify for a demand rate discount?
If your water usage equals 500,000 gallons per day or more, or your monthly electrical usage is 20,000 kWh or more, your business may qualify for an electric or water demand rate. To determine if you qualify, contact our Customer Service department.