Electric Facilities

Dalton Utilities has provided the City of Dalton with electricity since 1898.

We obtain our electricity from four sources:

  • We own partial interests in two nuclear and two coal-fired power plants.
  • We purchase blocks of wholesale power (principally from natural-gas fired plants) through a long-term negotiated contract with Southern Power.
  • We purchase hydroelectric power from the Southeastern Power Administration (SEPA).
  • We purchase solar power generated by Georgia Power Company arrays located on Dalton Utilities’ Land Application System (LAS) on the Conasauga River.  Additionally, we produce 100kw of solar energy on the roofs of our office building and drive-thru.

As one of the joint owners of the Georgia Integrated Transmission System, Dalton Utilities has access to a huge network of electrical transmission lines that run throughout the State of Georgia. In addition to our eleven substations, 350 miles of distribution lines deliver electricity safely and reliably to your business or home.

From 1960 to 1975, Dalton’s electricity usage exploded in tandem with the growing carpet industry. In 1976, Dalton Utilities purchased partial ownership in two nuclear (Plant Vogtle and Plant Hatch) and two fossil-fueled (Plant Scherer and Plant Wansley) electric generating plants and became one of the four members of the Georgia Integrated Transmission System with Georgia Power, MEAG, and Oglethorpe Power (now Georgia Transmission Corporation).

Today, Dalton Utilities owns a percentage of two new nuclear units being constructed at Plant Vogtle. Additionally, the Utility has partnered with Georgia Power to build the largest solar project in Georgia on our Land Application System.