Dalton Utilities Recognized for Outstanding Operations

Dalton Utilities was honored at the April 2010 Georgia Association of Water Professionals (GAWP) Conference in Columbus, Georgia for their achievements in water and wastewater management.

Howard Hunt, a Class One Water Operator with Dalton Utilities, was named the 2010 GAWP Top Op Award winner. Top Ops are individuals who represent the best drinking water and wastewater professional operators throughout the state.

Dalton Utilities received SIX other awards at the April 2010 GAWP Conference which include:

  • 2010 GAWP Water Plant of the Year – Mill Creek Water Treatment Plant (Surface Water 3.0 MGD – 14.99 MGD)
  • 2010 GAWP Wastewater Plant of the Year – Mill Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant (Less than 1 million gallons per day – Advanced Treatment)
  • 2010 GAWP Wastewater Plant of the Year – Riverbend Wastewater Treatment Plant (non-discharging Land Application System greater than 10 MGD)
  • 2010 GAWP Platinum Award for River Water, Freeman Springs and Mill Creek water treatment plants (12th consecutive year)
  • 2010 GAWP Gold Award for Land Application System  (won 11 previous awards, 1999-2008)
  • 2010 GAWP Drinking Water Taste Test Award – River Water Plant

All recipients of these awards show outstanding plant operations, including employee resources, facilities and operations, safety, emergency response protocols and staff technical training.