Dalton Utilities Receives Top State Honors

Dalton Utilities’ Josh Roberts and Frank Kovach awarded top honors by the Georgia Association of Water Professionals.

Dalton Utilities was recognized at the Georgia Association of Water Professional’s (GAWP) Spring Conference with seven awards including two Top Operator Awards that were presented for the first time.

Frank Kovach received the 2013 GAWP Top Op Award for District 1 Water Distribution System Operator.  Kovach, a Senior Distribution Technician, joined the Dalton Utilities’ staff in August 2001.  Kovach is certified by the state as a Water Distribution Operator and Wastewater Collection System Operator.

Josh Roberts was awarded the 2014 GAWP Top Op Award for District 1 Wastewater Collection System Operator.  Roberts joined Dalton Utilities in June 2005 and is currently employed as Lead Wastewater Collection Technician.  He is certified in Wastewater Collections.

The Top Op Awards are conferred annually to Water and Wastewater employees who have demonstrated consistent and outstanding contributions to their profession.  They stand out in their district for being ‘the best’ at what they do. “The Top Op Award, in my opinion, is one of the highest personal awards that GAWP offers,” said Blanche Lamond, GAWP Executive Assistant.  BUT, these two awards, this year in particular, are special because it is the very first time they have been offered.”

For the 16th consecutive year, Dalton Utilities’ water treatment plants have received the GAWP Platinum Award for Excellence in Operations.  Additionally, Dalton Utilities’ Land Application System received GAWP’s Platinum Award for Excellence in Operations. This is the 15th year the Land Application System has received this award. The Platinum Award is given to facilities with complete and consistent compliance with individual NPDES, Land Application, or Safe Drinking Water Permit criteria for five or more consecutive years.

Facilities receiving the GAWP Platinum award have a documented track record of providing environmental protection at levels far above minimum compliance standards set forth by both Federal and State regulatory agencies.

Additionally, Dalton Utilities’ Mill Creek Water Treatment Plant and Riverbend Wastewater Treatment Plant were honored with GAWP’s prestigious 2014 Plant of the Year awards.  Both plants were also given these awards in 2012 and were recognized for outstanding plant operations, including employee resources, facilities and operations, safety, emergency response protocols, and staff technical training.

GAWP is Georgia’s largest professional water and wastewater organization with more than 5,000 members involved in every aspect of water management and protection.