Dalton Utilities Mails 2009 Water Quality Reports

Dalton Utilities mailed its 2009 Water Quality Report to all water customers on June 14, 2010.   The brochure is designed to educate and inform Dalton Utilities’ water customers on the quality of their drinking water.

Customers turn on the water faucet and expect clean, drinkable water to flow from it.  But how many of us really know where our drinking water comes from and how safe that water is?  Dalton Utilities’ 2009 Water Quality Report answers all these questions. Additionally, the report contains a chart which lists the types of contaminants that might be found in water.  As customers will see when they receive these reports in the mail, Dalton Utilities’ water system has had no violations, and our water meets all established water quality standards.

If you are a Dalton Utilities water customer and do not receive a copy of this report in June 2010, please contact our Marketing Department at 706-278-1313 or access the report online by visiting Dalton Utilities’ web-page at  https://www.dutil.com/water-quality-report/.

For more information on this helpful brochure, please call Dalton Utilities at 706-278-1313.