Dalton Utilities Completes Lead and Copper Testing

At Dalton Utilities, protection of public health is our top priority.  Our water is tested regularly to ensure that it is safe to drink. In December 2015, Dalton Utilities completed the lead and copper sampling we are required to perform every three years.

Lead and copper sampling is the only water testing performed by the water utility that uses samples pulled from the very end of the distribution system – customer taps. According to the Lead and Copper Rule (LCR), 90% of the samples have to be below the action levels of 15ug/L for Lead and 1300 ug/L for Copper.  All of the samples pulled from our recent tests were well within the limits outlined.

Dalton Utilities’ water consistently meets or is better than all federal and state drinking water standards, including requirements for lead.  There are no lead service lines in our water distribution system.  The majority of water mains and pipes are iron, steel or high-density polyethylene.

The main source of lead in drinking water is typically from household plumbing. This is usually lead solder that was used in homes built or plumbed with copper pipes before 1985. Lead can also be found in brass plumbing fixtures and components.  This is the reason that lead/copper testing is done at customer taps instead of on the Utility’s distribution system.

Water providers are required to regularly test for lead and manage their systems to reduce lead exposure by managing corrosion in pipes through treatment. Dalton Utilities only has to test every three years for lead and copper because there has never been a problem with high levels of lead in our water.

If your house has older plumbing, it is recommended to flush out your system if water has been sitting idle in your household plumbing for six hours or more. Run the tap until the water is cold and fresh before using for drinking, cooking, and preparing baby formula.  Do not ever use water from the hot tap for these purposes as lead dissolves more easily into hot water, and other metals could also be present that contribute taste/odor/health issues.

If you have additional questions about lead or other water quality questions or comments, please Dalton Utilities at 706-278-1313 or access our water quality report at www.dutil.com.