Utility Mails Water Quality Brochures to Customers

Dalton Utilities mailed its 2010 Water Quality Report to all water customers on June 24, 2011. The report includes water testing results from January 1 to December 31, 2010. The brochure is designed to educate and inform Dalton Utilities’ water customers on the quality of their drinking water.

Whitfield County Fire Dept. Begins Hydrant Testing Program May 2

The Whitfield County Fire Department will be performing flow tests on all the fire hydrants throughout county beginning Monday, May 2 continuing through September 2011. This testing is typically conducted on an annual basis to check the flow rate in all fire hydrants which is required by insurance examiners to maintain Whitfield County’s fire rating.

The County Fire Department will begin their hydrant flow testing in the areas of Mill Creek, Westside and Tunnel Hill during the month of May.


Stormwater Management addresses a board range of issues:
– How stormwater is collected, treated and released into our waterways
– How stormwater collection and treatment systems are designed and evaluated
For more on this subject, visit our website: www.du-sw.com

STORMWATER 101: What is Stormwater Runoff?

When rain hits impervious surfaces (solid surfaces that it cannot seep through like pavement, concrete, roofs, etc.) it creates “stormwater runoff.” This “runoff” picks up pollutants as it goes, like oil and grease, harmful bacteria, fertilizers, toxic chemicals and other contaminants which are harmful to people and aquatic life. So how do we address this increasing stormwater runoff problem? STORMWATER MANAGEMENT!