Appliances and Energy Use

Little details on the appliances you use can make a big difference in your energy costs.   Below are some details to keep in mind, when purchasing and using items around the house.

  • Refrigerators with automatic ice-makers and water and ice dispensers can increase energy use by as much as 20 percent, according to ENERGY STAR. These features also raise the price of the appliance, so you’ll spend more to save less.
  • Do you have a hot tub? Use your spa cover to save water and energy on water heating. The cover can help reduce evaporation and act as a barrier against heat loss.
  • Energy-efficient front- and top-load washers with faster spin speeds can help save energy when it’s time to dry clothes. The faster speed removes more water from the fabric, creating less work for the dryer.
  • Installing low-flow shower heads could save you more than $250 on your water bill each year, according to the Alliance to Save Energy. For more about conserving water and energy, watch this video.