Certifications Obtained
17 employees obtained certifications in areas including water and wastewater plants, distribution, erosion control, backflow, and Professional Engineering
Best Internet Provider in Northwest Georgia
The Dalton Daily Citizen Readers’ Choice Awards
GAWP Platinum Award to all water plants
7th consecutive year
GAWP Drinking Water Taste Test Award
Freeman Springs Plant
GAWP Platinum Award for LAS
7th consecutive year
GAWP Best Consumer Confidence Report Award

GAWP Laboratory Quality Assurance
At Municipal Wastewater Laboratory
GAWP Water Distribution System of the Year

GAWP Wastewater Collection System of the Year Award

GAWP Wastewater Plant of the Year Award
Loopers Wastewater Plant
GAWP Water Plant of the Year Award
Mill Creek Water Plant
Smart Community
Dalton, GA named National 2006 “Smart Community” at the Digital Cities EXPO recognizing the forward-thinking associated with OptiLink’s widespread broadband access