GW&PCA Platinum Award for Land Application System
Five consecutive years of excellence in operations
GW&PCA Platinum Award for all Water Treatment Plants
Five consecutive years of excellence in plant operations
GW&PCA Wastewater Collection System of the Year

GW&PCA Water Distribution System of the Year

Damage Prevention Advocate Award from Utilities Protection Center (UPC) for Damage Prevention
First ever awarded to a utility
UPC Damage Prevention Advocate Award
Awarded to Dalton Utilities locator Ronnie Maney
Danny Mathis (wastewater operator)
Recognized by the Department of Natural Resources’ Board
For our phosphorus reduction efforts
GW&PCA Laboratory Quality Assurance
Drinking Water Laboratory
GW&PCA Laboratory Quality Assurance
Municipal Wastewater Laboratory
Top 300 Gas Distribution Utility
Pipeline & Gas Journal