Cool weather is here! Is your gas furnace ready?

Before you turn on your natural gas furnace or fire place:

It is recommended to have your natural gas furnace maintained and inspected once a year. The inspection should include a check of the flue, the vent pipes (for vented systems), the heat exchanger and the thermostat, as well as a check for leaks in all parts leading to the gas furnace, and cleaning/replacing all filters.

Clean or replace furnace filters. Remember to always follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Check that the area around your natural gas appliances is clear of items that could block air circulation.

Check that there are no flammable materials, such as paper, boxes, etc. near your natural gas appliances.

Check that there are no combustible materials, such as paint, varnish, turpentine, glue, gasoline, cleaning fluids and other chemicals near your natural gas appliances. The vapors coming off some chemicals can be ignited by the gas flame.

Check the vent pipes and flue. They should be open and free of obstructions.

Check your pilot light. It should produce a sharp blue flame. If your pilot light is not a sharp blue flame, turn off the appliance and contact a service company for inspection and repair.

Install a carbon monoxide monitor.

Keep your natural gas appliances clean and maintained by always following the manufacturer’s instructions for care and operation.