Wastewater Facilities

In 1951, the Water, Light and Sinking Fund Commission took over the City of Dalton’s sewer system. Today, the system is the backbone of local industry and includes one of the nation’s largest forested Land Application Systems.

Dalton Utilities operates four wastewater treatment plants, a 9,600 acre Land Application System, and a state-of-the-art sludge processing facility. Additionally, the Utility runs a composting operation using the solids from the wastewater treatment process and combining them with organic materials.

Dalton Utilities collects wastewater from our household, commercial, and industrial customers using a collection system comprised of over 300+ miles of pipe and 36 lift (pumping) stations.

We treat approximately 20-25 million gallons per day. We have the capacity to treat 40+ million gallons per day, on average, and 66+ million gallons in any single day.

Much of the collection system is gravity drain (gravity is used to drain the wastewater downhill to a lower part of the system.) In areas where gravity drain is not possible, lift stations “lift” the wastewater back to a level where gravity may once again be utilized.

Dalton Utilities uses a biological process to treat raw sewage. Two of our state-of-the-art treatment facilities use diffused air to oxygenate the raw sewage. This environment allows aerobic organisms to live in the water and feed on the waste particles, cleansing the wastewater in an all natural way! For a brief explanation of our wastewater treatment process, click here. In our newest wastewater treatment facility, we use membrane filtration to treat the wastewater. For more information on this plant, click here.

Once the wastewater has been treated, it is sprayed on our 9,600 acre forested Land Application System. The soil and plant life further cleanse the water. For more information on our Land Application System, click here.

Solids removed from the wastewater have liquid spun out in large centrifuges made especially for our biosolids handling facility.

Student Tours
Dalton Utilities offers student tours of its wastewater treatment facilities. If you’d like to set up a tour, please contact the Marketing Department at (706) 529-1105 or email us here.