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General OptiLink FAQs

How can I sign up for OptiLink?
We have two convenient ways for residents and businesses to sign up for OptiLink:
1.) Sign-up online! Click here.

2.) Or call us at 706-529-1313.

How can I sign-up for OptiLink’s new video product, VidLink?
1.) Sign-up online! Click here.
2.) Or call us at 706-529-1313.

Can I choose individual OptiLink services, or must I select all three?
You may choose 1, 2, or all 3 OptiLink services. Please note that you receive a price break when you purchase two or more OptiLink services.

Is a security deposit required?
A security deposit may be required subject to credit approval.

Will I be required to sign a service contract with OptiLink?
No! Service contracts will not be required.

How will I be billed for the OptiLink Services I select?
You will receive a monthly bill with all OptiLink services included on the same bill. Cable and internet services are billed in advance for the month service is requested. Telephone is also billed in advance, except for long-distance and feature usage which will be billed in arrears based on consumption from the previous month.

Can I have all of my Dalton Utilities services and OptiLink services combined on to one bill?
No. OptiLink services cannot be billed with your other utility services. We apologize for any inconvenience that this might cause, and invite you to sign up for our convenient bank draft program which eliminates the need for writing separate checks and returning separate payments.

How and where may I pay my OptiLink bill?
OptiLink offers several convenient ways to pay your bill. You may pay by bank draft, by mail or use our easy-to-use online payment option. You may also pay by telephone with your credit card by calling 1-877-328-4974. If you prefer to pay your bill in person, many community banks take OptiLink payments, or you may pay at our business office in the lobby or at our Drive Thru teller.

How long do I have to pay my bill to avoid disconnection?
10 days after the due date indicated on the bill.

Will I receive a disconnection notice?
Yes! OptiLink offers this service to our customers to remind them that their bill has not been paid and they are scheduled for disconnection, so that they might pay their bills to avoid reconnection charges.

Are there late penalties for paying bills AFTER the due date?
Yes. Customers paying their bills after the due date indicated will be assessed a 5% late charge. Save money by paying before the due date. Putting your account on bank draft is a great way to avoid late charges.

What will the reconnection fee be if my service is disconnected for non-payment?
The reconnection fee is $50.

If I have questions and/or problems, who do I contact for assistance?
Call OptiLink’s customer service center at 706-529-1313. Our customer service team is locally-based and will be available to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

I can’t find the documents given to me when my services were installed. How do I get copies of them?
Give as a call at 706-529-1313 to ask for copies.

How do I operate:
1.) OptiLink How To Guide (all services)*
2.) Cable Device Manuals* (old set-top box system)
3.) VidLink User and Device Installation Guides

General Assistance:
Email: help@optilink.us
Phone: 706-529-1313

Customers with Disabilities:
If you require special services due to a disability, email us at assistance@optilink.us.

For Closed Captioning concerns, please contact us:
Dalton Utilities/OptiLink
PO Box 869
Dalton, GA 30722
Phone: 706-529-1313
Fax: 706-529-0735
Email: cablegroup@dutil.com 

VidLink User and Device Installation Guides
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