Telephone FAQs

Does OptiLink include Long Distance service? Or may I continue to use my current Long Distance provider or choose another one?
OptiLink offers several convenient and affordable long distances packages for residential and business customers. Please note that if you take OptiLink Telephone Service you MUST take OptiLink Long Distance.

Will the LD packages include Overseas calling or will it just cover the Continental US?
Domestic only, but does include in state – unlike other calling plans. International calls are priced on a per country basis.

Do you sell phone/phone equipment? If not, where can we get the equipment?
OptiLink only provides telephone equipment for its Virtual PBX offering for business customers. Our standard services are compatible with the vast majority of PBX and telephone equipment.

Will Dalton Utilities do the inside wiring for my service?
Yes. We will utilize any existing wiring for telephone and cable television. Additionally, we will install CAT 5 cabling for Ethernet connectivity for our high-speed internet services. Most homes can be hooked up at no additional cost to the consumer. Some restrictions apply.

What is OptiLink’s inside wire maintenance service?
Our In-Home Wire Insurance is available at a cost of $2.95 per month. If you opt for this service, it can protect you against wire repair costs, as well as from service charges incurred when a service call results from a non-OptiLink problem associated with the customer’s wiring.

How many phone lines can I have for my residence?
You may have four lines per residence.

Will I be able to dial 911?

I have a small business, how many phone lines can you provide me?
As many as you need.

What type of telephone services do you offer for businesses?
OptiLink provides a variety of telephone services for business customers such as analog lines, Virtual PBX (our Centrex-like service), PRIs/T1s, local IP trunking, etc.

Is directory information available? Will there be a charge for this?
Yes, directory assistance (411) and operator assistance is available. The charge for 411 calls is $1.25 per call.

Will I be able to keep the same phone number?
Yes. Simply fill out the Number Portability Form in your OptiLink package and return to us with your order or download it from our website. There is a one-time fee of $26.20 for porting your number.

What is the OptiLink local calling area?
The same as Windstream’s.

Will Ringgold be a local call for OptiLink customers?

Do you offer all of the following features with OptiLink Telephone services? Caller ID Name, Call Waiting, Cancel Call Waiting, Three Way Calling, Call Forwarding, Block Caller ID, Call Forward Busy, 900/976 Block
Yes! At no additional cost!

Do I need to cancel my existing phone service?
If you are keeping your same number and switching to our phone service, there is no need to cancel service with your existing phone company. If you are taking a new number from OptiLink, you will need to cancel your existing phone service once your OptiLink telephone service has been installed.

Assistance for Deaf/Hard of Hearing Customers – TTY/TTD
Georgians who are deaf, have speech disabilities, or hard of hearing can communicate with friends, family, and business contacts using the Georgia Relay Service. By using a special text telephone (TDD/TTY), the user may type his/her conversation. OptiLink customers who wish to communicate with people who are deaf, have speech disabilities, or are hard-of-hearing may dial 7-1-1 and have their conversation relayed via text. Text telephone users may also dial 7-1-1 to have conversations relayed to others. If you are a Georgia Relay user, please contact us at for additional information. The Georgia Relay service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. For more information, click here or email us at

Making a TTY call (Service is provided free of charge)

To make a traditional TTY call (a Georgia Relay Customer Profile is highly recommended for TTY users and will streamline the following steps):

  1. Dial 7-1-1 or 1-800-255-0056 to reach Georgia Relay.
  2. Georgia Relay will send the following automated message to your TTY: “GTRS CA #XXXX (M/F) NBR PLS Q GA.” The (M/F) identifies the CA as either male or female.
  3. Type the area code and telephone number of the person you are calling, along with any special calling instructions or information. Then type, “GA” (Go Ahead).
  4. The CA will relay your conversation word for word unless you instruct him or her to use ASL (American Sign Language) translation.
  5. Remember to say “Go Ahead” (“GA” on your TTY screen), each time you finish your part of the conversation so the other person can respond to you.
  6. All typed messages in parentheses ( ) indicate that the CA is communicating with you directly, for instance, relaying a sound that was heard or letting you know the other person has hung up.

Continue with your call. When you are ready to end your call, type “SK” (Stop Keying). If you want to make another Relay call after your conversation is finished, stay on the line and the CA will assist you.

General Assistance:
Phone: 706-529-1313

Customers with Disabilities:
If you require special services due to a disability, email us at

For Closed Captioning concerns, please contact us:
Dalton Utilities/OptiLink
PO Box 869
Dalton, GA 30722
Phone: 706-529-1313
Fax: 706-529-0735

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