Internet FAQs

Will I have a public routable IP Address?
No. OptiLink customers will have a dynamic, private IP Address. However, static public IPs are available upon request for a nominal monthly charge.

How many email accounts are included with the Internet Service? And, can I purchase more email accounts if I need them?
Five email accounts come standard with our service. If you like, you can purchase more accounts. Call for pricing, 706-529-1313.

Will I need a firewall, router, or modem for my Internet Service or does OptiLink provide one?
No, OptiLink provides a residential gateway for all new customers. Customers may also use their own wireless routers if they would like.

Will I need another phone line for my Internet Service?

When I am using the Internet may I make or receive phone calls?

Is the Internet Service unlimited access per month?

Will an OptiLink tech come to my house to help me set up my Internet service? Will there be a service charge for this?
We provide simple instructions for setting up your Internet service and email accounts. Additionally, our help desk is available 24 hours a day/7 days a week at no charge. Should you require an on-site visit to set up your service, there will be a charge of $65/hour for residential customers and $95/hour for business customers. A minimum half-hour labor service charge will be charged for each on-site visit.

What bandwidth speeds will be available for Internet?
50 Mb, 75 Mb, 100 Mb and 1 GB

How do these Internet speeds compare with other services?
OptiLink’s lowest speed offering, 50 Mb, is six times faster than standard DSL, and twice as fast as standard cable modems.

What are your upload speeds?
20 Mb

How do I set up & use my email account?
When we set up your Internet connection we will also ask you for the username and passwords you would like to use. After we set them up you can use an email program such as Outlook to send and receive emails. Your email address will be set up as follows –

Will our services be overhead or underground cables?
Both. If your current utilities are all underground then we will install our new fiber optic cable to your home or business the same way. It is important to indicate which when signing up to speed the installation process.

How will the OptiLink High-Speed Internet service be installed?
The entry point for OptiLink services will be located in a box next to where telephone and CATV services currently enter your home. In order to complete the installation, our crew will schedule a time to enter your home and make the necessary cable hookups and to test the service. Your computer will need a network interface card installed to be able to connect to OptiLink.

Do I need to cancel my existing Internet service when I sign up with OptiLink?
Yes. If you currently have Dial-Up, a DSL line or cable modem service, it is the customer’s responsibility to cancel these services with your current provider. Additionally, you might make a note to also cancel any second lines you might have purchased for your dial-up service.

What are the system requirements?
OptiLink provides a standard 10/100 Ethernet connection that dynamically assigns IP addresses or, if the customer chooses, via a static IP address. Our home router allows for multiple devices to be connected at one time. A wireless router can also be used with your OptiLink Internet service to provide connectivity for laptops, tablets, and smart devices. Ask us about installing a new wireless router for you.

Customers with Disabilities
Internet Access and Associated Services:

The Dalton Utilities OptiLink Internet service is compatible with the vast majority of Internet capable devices. The service, as is standardly deployed, can be connected using a cat5e/Cat6e Ethernet patch cable to any Network Interface Card (NIC) that supports 10/100/1000 Ethernet connections. If needed due to accessibility requirements OptiLink can and will provide and install a wireless router to further enable WiFi devices (802.11a/b/g/n) to connect to the Internet.

Visually Impaired:
Due to the adherence to specifications there are many available options for the visually impaired. Devices are available, such as the BrailleNote device, to allow Internet browsing, email, and document editing. There are also many text-to-speech conversion tools that are compatible with the OptiLink service. For example, the Chrome browser has a free plug-in called Chrome Speak that can be used to highlight OptiLink email via the webmail. For more information:

General Assistance:
Phone: 706-529-1313

Customers with Disabilities:
If you require special services due to a disability, email us at

For Closed Captioning concerns, please contact us:
Dalton Utilities/OptiLink
PO Box 869
Dalton, GA 30722
Phone: 706-529-1313
Fax: 706-529-0735

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