OptiLink Announces Additional HD Content & Channel Changes

OptiLink is excited to announce additions to our HD Tier as well as some other changes to our channel lineup! 

Additions to our HD Tier include: Comedy Central. Nickelodeon, MTV, VH-1, CMT and TNN will be added to our HD Tier for a total of 30 great HD channels!

We have changed some HD channel numbers to correspond with Preferred Tier (analog) version.  For example,  ESPN is channel 20.  ESPN HD is Channel 220.  This also applies for our Enhanced (digital) Tier. Enhanced Tier HD channels will now be shown in the 300s channel position.

Channels that will be changing positions but remaining in the same packages include: Fox Business Network HD will move Ch. 214 to 314; Velocity HD will move from Ch. 236 to 362; NFL Red Zone HD will move from Ch. 263 to 363; ESPNU HD will move from Ch. 264 to 364; MLB Network HD will move from Ch. 265 to 365; and NFL HD will move from Ch. 266 to 366.  

One channel, TNN, will be moving from the Preferred Tier to the Enhanced Tier.