Fuel & Emissions Costs Explained

Dalton Utilities add the Fuel & Emissions Adjustment to electrical customers’ bills as a fluctuating cost to recover fuel and environmental compliance costs associated with electric generating facilities of which Dalton Utilities owns a percentage.  The price of energy and environmental compliance costs dictate the fuel and emissions cost passed along to customers. Rising energy prices compounded with rapidly increasing clean air regulations that are required of energy-producing plants have caused Dalton Utilities’ cost of electricity to escalate. These costs are passed along to the Utility and are out of the Utility’s control.

To comply with this ruling of the Clean Air Interstate Rule and Georgia’s Multi-Pollutant Rule, owners of coal-fired electrical generating plants must upgrade plants to comply with new environmental standards aimed at reducing emissions.  Dalton Utilities owns interests in two coal-fired plants (Plant Wansley and Plant Scherer).  This percentage ownership in two coal-fired and two nuclear plants provides Dalton Utilities with the bulk of power they need to serve their electrical customers.