Check Your Electrical System

It’s important to maintain the electrical system in your home to ensure the safety of your family.

  • Get a qualified electrician to look for burn marks at your main electrical panel. Burn marks can be a sign of arcing inside the panel, which can easily lead to a fire. Loose connections or damaged insulation can cause the arcing.
  • Trip and reset the circuit breakers regularly.
  • Remove any combustible materials such as paper boxes or flammable liquids from the area near the main electrical panel. Sparks caused by arcing inside the panel can ignite material stored nearby.
  • Check all electrical outlets for loose-fitting plugs that indicate worn receptacles. Worn receptacles can cause overheating and fires; they should be replaced. Also check electrical outlets and switches to be sure they work properly. If any switches, outlets, or receptacles do not work, have a qualified electrician determine the problem and fix it to avoid fires inside the walls of your home.
  • Install safety covers to help protect children from electrical shock. Any appliance or tool that gives even the slightest shock should be unplugged and checked by an electrician or repair shop.