Dalton Utilities Teams Up for United Way's CEO Trike Race

The Dalton Utilities Team participated in the United Way CEO Trike Race on Monday in downtown Dalton.   (pictured L to R:  Seth Lassitter, Don Cope, Craig Bock and Ben Kinsey)

Coming out of Heat 3 with a win, our team went into the heat 3 / heat 4 semi-finals against Shaw Industries.  Shaw won and went on to compete against Beaulieu, with Beaulieu being the overall winner of the event.  (Pictured above are DU’s Craig Bock (right) and Water, Light & Sinking Fund Commissioner Joe Yarbrough (left) representing Mohawk Industries.)

Also, Dalton Utilities employee Lori McDaniel, Marketing Chair of the United Way Board of Directors, was the announcer for the event.