Call 8-1-1 Before You Dig

Building or Renovating? Call 8-1-1 BEFORE you dig. 
Before beginning any excavation or construction project, please remember to call 8-1-1 BEFORE you dig! Why? First of all, it’s the law. Secondly, it could prevent property damage and even loss of life!

The Utilities Protection Center will forward your construction location to the appropriate utility to determine if any underground water, sewer, natural gas or electric lines are located in the area in which you hope to dig. Severed lines result in costly repairs, property damage, potential environmental incidents and, in the case of electricity and natural gas, serious injuries or loss of life.

Another important point: if you damage an underground line and haven’t called the Utilities Protection Center and had the location of underground lines verified by your local utility, YOU are liable for any damages incurred and the cost of the repair, which can become very costly.

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