Water Backflow/Cross-Connection Control

State regulations mandate that water providers, like Dalton Utilities, protect the safety and integrity of our treated water supply by implementing and enforcing Backflow and Cross Connection Control programs.

Cross-Connection Control prohibits physical arrangements whereby our water system could be connected directly or indirectly to a nonpotable water system, sewer, drain, conduit, pool storage reservoir, plumbing, fixture or other device which contains or may contain contaminated water, liquid, gases, sewage or other waste of unknown or unsafe quality.

Dalton Utilities has developed a backflow prevention program to comply with state drinking water regulations and plumbing codes. Because all water users have plumbing fixtures which have the potential for allowing contaminants or impurities to accidentally enter the potable water system, the installation of backflow prevention devices are required on the customer side of the service connection. Each customer, upon notification, shall be responsible for all costs associated with purchase, installation, maintenance and testing of the device(s). Dalton Utilities Backflow Program Coordinator can provide you with information on backflow and cross-connection control, as well as the necessary level of protection required. For more information, click here to send us an email.

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