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General Assistance:
Email: help@optilink.us
Phone: 706-529-1313

Customers with Disabilities:
If you require special services due to a disability, email us at assistance@optilink.us.

Services Features Monthly Price for 1 Service Monthly Price for 2+ Services
Basic Local Service with Call Waiting, Caller ID, Speed Dialing, 3-Way Calling and More $26.35 $19.95
Basic: 2nd Line 2nd Phone Line
(not a Life Line)
add $23.18 to Basic Rate add $17.95 to Basic Rate
In-Home Wire Insurance Insurance Against Telephone, Cable, & Internet Wire Repair Costs Provides Protection Against Service Charges $2.95
Voice Mail $5.95
Number Portability Keep Current Number $26.20 (one-time fee)*
* Incumbent provider charge to keep existing number.

Long Distance
(You must use OptiLink Long Distance if you use OptiLink Telephone Services.)
Basic Long Distance $0.05 per minute
250 Long Distance* 250 minutes $7.95 per month
500 Long Distance* 500 minutes $13.95 per month
Personal Toll-Free
800 Number
$2.90 per month
base charge &
$0.07 per minute.
* Minutes do not roll over month to month. Minutes over plan are $0.05 per minute.

All OptiLink prices are exclusive of applicable franchise fees and federal/state/local taxes.